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Getting Organized After the Moving

Getting Organized After Moving – New Year’s Move Revisited

We recently posted an article about what to do if your New Year’s resolution was to move! Stewart Moving and Storage wants to remind you there is no better time than NOW to get your new digs organized after moving – start the new year off fresh and motivated.

Your move is now complete and the heavy duty work of packing, lifting and relocation is behind you.

While it is no secret that organization takes time and planning – you can do this, one sweet day at a time.

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Otherwise, look forward to the cleansing and peace of establishing an organized new home.



A good place to begin purging would be your kitchen – toss the expired canned goods, expired food in the fridge, outdated kitchen tools and chipped glasses and/or dinnerware in the trash.

Next the bathroom – toss expired medications, dried-up nail polish, broken hair brushes, old towels, make-up and/or hair accessories. You get the idea.

Bedroom – get rid of clutter in the nightstand drawers, stained clothing, broken jewelry and you can even make some extra cash selling your unworn or outdated clothing. Why not dig in and ask yourself- have I worn this within the last two years? If not, it is time to start fresh and de-clutter your life.

Garage/Basement – old rags, broken tools, unused décor, old paint, outgrown bikes, toys and anything you have not used within the last couple of years.

“Project organize” is within your reach!



First of all, there is no race to the finish line when it comes to unpacking. Acknowledge you made it through the move and do a mental inventory of the room you would like to unpack first. Consider the room your family would use most together (usually the kitchen and family room). Once you have planned your unpacking direction, stick to the plan.

Allocate in which room you will be storing your empty boxes – flatten, recycle and even store a few in the basement for when you need one. Keep some of your bubble wrap and packing materials for when you need it for shipping those birthday presents throughout the year and for the Christmas presents at the end of the year. Being prepared will save you time and money!



If you do not have a grocery list template or notepad magnetically attached to your fridge – Stewart Moving and Storage has attached a link below. The simple idea of having a grocery list that you can add to throughout the week will save you time and believe it or not money – just stick to the list.

Here’s a great pin to help out!



Remember that organization does take a change of a habit – take heed as to where you drop your keys, your purse, your mail, etc. By doing this, you will learn there is a place for everything. Fight the urge to just drop things where it is the most convenient.

Instead, store your keys on a designated hook in the entryway or kitchen, place your mail on your desk, store your larger items, such as extra furniture or your college son/daughter’s larger items in a storage shed until you are able to tackle its final destination.

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Many of us have done it at some time in our life – we hold on to ten years of paperwork as it piles up into a mountain of oblivion. The bad habits stop now as you can shred what you longer need and place an “in” and “out” basket on your desk.

Designate the same time every year to purge what you no longer need. Make it a slow time for yourself during the year – avoid the holidays for purging and stay on track. With a little determination and change of habit, you will be on your way to getting organized after moving to or from Richmond, VA.