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New Year’s Resolutions – Before Moving to or from Richmond Virginia

New Year’s Resolutions – Before Moving to or from Richmond, Virginia

Moving may get a bad rap, but it is actually the perfect time to make those big changes you’ve been holding off on. Think of your move as a New Year’s resolution – even if it is the only one you will make this year. Make your moving to or from Richmond, Virginia easy!

Let’s do this!

Stewart Moving and Storage is your “go-to” moving company and they are here to help. They understand the tasks that go into a move and the stress that can accompany an unorganized move. If you are moving to or from Richmond, Virginia, consider the following tips to help you accomplish your goals for your new home.


Get healthy you say? Before moving? Yes. The concept is simple. You have to move your refrigerator and pantry items anyway, all of which contain food. The idea is when you are cleaning out your fridge, think healthy.

When thinking healthy, plan healthy meals for the week and select healthy fruits and veggies for your future meals. Wouldn’t now be the best time to change your diet and make those New Year’s resolutions?


Do you know what the number one happiness factor is? Strong relationships. So if you are moving to or from Richmond, Virginia, be sure to designate a space for entertaining at your new home.

It could be an outdoor patio space or maybe it’s a movie and board game nook inside – in that case, a cozy spot tucked away inside with fluffy over-sized pillows scattered about. Whether you prefer a family night or an intimate setting with tiny white lights hanging above a bistro table and chairs, move with thought. Move with purpose.


Moving is the perfect time to declutter your home. Either donate, sell or toss the items you no longer need and place your items of uncertainty in storage.

Just the thought of having no option – being required to find the space for endless boxes, clunky furniture (both inside and out) with EVERYTHING needing to be moved in one swoop, know there is the option of storage.

Stewart Moving & Storage offers a fully secured storage facility with fire and theft protection systems, video surveillance technology, specialized storage areas to accommodate larger, leather or upholstered items and so much more! Their storage facility adjusts to your needs – whether it be short or long-term service: Stewart’s Storage Service.

…just let them know when you are ready for your goods and they will make them available for pickup or delivery. You truly cannot go wrong with Stewart Moving & Storage!


If you are moving to Richmond, Virginia due to a job transfer, those moving expenses may be huge tax deductions for you and your family. Stewart Moving & Storage advises that when you opt for a full service moving company, such as theirs, there is a greater likelihood that all of your moving expenses can be reimbursed by Uncle Sam.

Avoid the habitual complications of trying to move you or your family on your own, including several unexpected tasks which a professional full service moving company conquers with ease.

The reimbursement of moving expenses can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be: learn more about moving expenses.


Find a moving company you can trust.

There are many “moving companies” out there who are not licensed, insured or do not accept credit cards. Hmmmmm…What is wrong with this picture?

For more than two decades Stewart Moving and Storage has been the preferred movers in Richmond, Virginia with award winning moving and storage services. They are not only licensed and insured but they will work with you during the entire moving process. If you are moving to or from Richmond, Virginia, trust Steward Moving and Storage for all your moving needs.

Stewart Moving and Storage provides a modern fleet of moving trucks with permanent logos attached to both sides of their trucks. Their trained move team utilizes the latest techniques to protect your possessions and home. They also provide full-time, uniformed employees who undergo a background check and drug screening.

Here’s another great resource on why Stewart moving could be perfect for your move.