Storage FAQ

Not all storage warehouses are the same.  There’s Self Storage, also know as Mini Storage, and then there are Secure Storage facilities. When you work with a moving company- they can help you move into your previously acquired Mini Storage. OR, you can choose to move into secure, vaulted, and usually Military Approved Storage facility.  So, how do you choose what’s right for you?  What are the differences?  We’ll answer the TOP questions we get about storage options and help you decide what the best option for your unique situation is:

Why would I want do use a Mini or Self Storage: If you will need access to your items, or will want to add to what’s in storage on an ongoing basis- Mini or Self Storage is best for you

Why would I want to use a Secure Storage Facility? If your items are fragile, you’d like them to remain undisturbed until you request delivery to the new residence.

Which is Cheaper? Mini Storage rates stay the same no matter what you put in the unit. You are paying for the space. Secure vaulted storage is by weight- so you are only paying for what you are actually storing.  Either can be economical- but it all depends on how you utilize the option.

Can you help me move, even if I choose Mini Storage? Yes, we will provide the truck and movers to get your items from your home and into your storage unit, or vice versa.

Is Secure Storage temperature or climate controlled? Not usually, no. It is known as climate stable- meaning it only fluctuates within a range of degrees based on the temperature outside.  And since the items are all sealed within a vault- this fluctuation is not a problem for normal household items.

What services are offered if I am storing with you? We will handle all the handling into and out of storage with us. We will also crate (or un-crate) large fragile items, and shrink wrap bulky items like sofas, that cannot be placed into vaults. We will directly receive items, if you’re having them shipped in and prepare it to be shipped out (even if we are not the shipping or hauling company). We will also carefully inventory and document your items into storage, and enter it into our tracking system.


We hope this helped you decide which storage option is best for your upcoming storage needs.  If we can be of any assistance or would like to further explore storing your household items with us, please call us at 888-566-9737 or will out the Free Estimate form and we will get back with you within 1 business day.