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Long Distance Moving to or from Jacksonville – How to Choose the Right Company

Long Distance Moving to or from Jacksonville – How to Choose the Right Company

While a long distance move can be more challenging than a local move, it doesn’t have to be difficult and here’s why.

By planning and locating a reputable and reliable long distance moving company, your stress will greatly be reduced as moving risks will not be weighing on your shoulders (

An experienced long distance moving company will relieve you of the staggering self-moving expenses – such as the high cost of renting a moving truck, fuel costs, road tolls, parking fees and required insurance.  Don’t forget other related expenses like packing supplies, meals, lodging as this will need to be budgeted as well.

There is also a risk at-hand with every mile on the road for the DIY (Do It Yourself) mover. Let’s say you take on the risk to lift every heavy box, piece of furniture, pool table, etc., – do you have the proper safety moving equipment and experience to safely load your precious belongings? The last thing you want to do is suffer a painful personal injury.

While I do not enjoy being the bearer of bad new, there is good news and relief around the corner. Let me introduce Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage, a professional moving company at your service with not only reliable reviews – they are one of the largest independent movers in the United States and they are affordable.

Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage has the expertise and resources to ensure you a seamless relocation anywhere in the country ( They not only provide valuable moving services to you, but Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage understands your concerns of leaving your home town and moving to a new town.

An accurate price estimate is an important feature when deciding which long distance moving company to choose. Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage offers a professional free-in-home consultation performed by a Certified Moving Representative, providing you with a dedicated move coordinator as your single point of contact.

Their pricing is competitive and they provide Certified ProMover packers and movers as you even have the option to choose full or partial packing. These features make Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage stand above the rest.

Pay close attention to the special services offered by long distance moving companies and keep in mind your moving budget as you remain aware of additional features you may be able to afford. Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage offers many options to the long distance mover, such as unpacking services, concierge, guaranteed pickup, delivery and much more (

You are now at the final stages of choosing a long distance moving company and there can be only one. Take your research one step further and read their reviews, check their status with the Better Business Bureau – are they insured and how many years have they been in business?

Look no further than Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage as they have reviews displayed on their site (, boasting a Better Business Bureau accredited service with an A+ rating, they are insured, being in business since 2005. Why would you choose any other long distance moving company?