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Smooth Move Hacks When Moving Your Elder Parent(s) to/from Richmond, Virginia

Smooth Move Hacks When Moving Your Elder Parent(s) to/from Richmond, Virginia


While there may be many positive aspects to moving your elderly loved one – such as a fresh new outlook for mom or dad, downsizing, and possibly more opportunities for them to socialize – moving is a challenge for most people but especially for your elder parent.


Studies have shown that seniors adjust to any move much better when they are involved with some of the decision-making. Let Stewart Moving and Storage help you every step of the way.


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One of the easiest ways to cut your cost and save time when moving is to declutter by purging items you no longer need. The elimination of broken appliances, out-of-date electronics and unworn clothing will lighten your load and even save you money when hiring a moving company.


This is where a younger and more agile family member can help an elder loved one. If a family member is not immediately available, reach out to Stewart Moving and Storage as they partner with local companies who can help you sell excess items when moving your elder parent.




Stewart Moving and Storage truly wants to ease the stress from your move and they understand that every move is not the same – it’s a comfort to know they will customize your move to your specific situation.


This professional moving company will assign a Move Coordinator to assist you – keeping in mind that every family has different needs and budgets. Elders have specific needs – such as medications, wheelchairs or specific medical supplies but no need to worry – Stewart Moving and Storage will support you every step of the way.


Their certified moving consultant can design a moving solution that fits your needs and your budget – explaining the move plan one sweet task at a time.




For starters, hire an experienced and reputable moving company. The first thing you should do is research a local moving company that has been in business for at least ten years, confirming the Richmond moving company is in good standings with the Better Business Bureau.


They are a local reputable moving company with a Better Business Bureau A+ accredited service. There are not many moving companies in Richmond that can boast these A+ ratings – actions clearly speak louder than words.


Look no further than Stewart Moving and Storage.




Another beneficial tip to make a smooth transition with your move of your elder parent is to verify the moving company’s existence, meaning drop by their office and have peace of mind, confirming the moving company is legitimate. Go one step further and verify they have moving trucks with permanent logos attached as some rogue movers place magnetic strips on the side door of a rental truck in order to fool you. There will be no deception with Stewart Moving and Storage as they provide integrity with first-class customer service.


Stewart Moving and Storage provides a modern fleet of moving trucks with permanent logos attached to both sides of their moving trucks and their trained move team utilizes the latest techniques to protect your possessions and home. They also provide full-time, uniformed employees who undergo a background check and drug screening

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When it comes to preparing your current home to be on the market, setting up your new residence for your first night, or even helping you handle the unexpected challenges along the way- our experience and partnerships provide you the helping hands you need to make this move as easy as possible.


Here is a small sample of the tasks Stewart Moving and Storage can accomplish for you. You can pick and choose the tasks you need, and   receive a free quote! This can be extremely helpful to moving your elder parent.


  • De-cluttering and staging your old home
  • Assisting you in choosing your real estate agent
  • Providing storage for excess possessions
  • Shipping selected items to friends and family
  • Selling items that are no longer needed
  • Packing fragile items for safe transport
  • Cleaning the previous home after the move
  • Setting up the new home after the move
  • Installing appliances and electronics


Moving doesn’t need to be an obstacle for you – let Stewart Moving & Storage help you be on your way.


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