Things Movers Won’t Say, But Wish Customers Knew.

Your move has finally come and you feel like you’ve been preparing for months! Moving isn’t the easiest thing to do; whether it’s moving to a new state, or out of an apartment into a home, or even just from one house to the next. No matter what it’s still always stressful. You’ve probably been thinking ‘What can I do to make things easier for everyone (including your movers)!’  Well your in luck, I have spoken to a few of the crews and gotten some real and very helpful feedback. Here are 5 things they would like YOU to know!


  1. Please park your car on the curbstewart-picture

Now this is something I wouldn’t ever think of but it does make a big difference. Your crew has been planning for your move by getting the packing supplies ready, mapping out your location, and making sure you are aware the time of arrival. When they arrive they would like to be able to back there truck in, park, and be ready to start as soon as possible.

  1. Call ahead of time to free some parking for your moversapartment

Now this follows along with the topic above. If you live in an apartment, it doesn’t hurt to call the front office and see if you can block out some parking spaces for your truck. This may not seem like a big deal, but it will be much faster and more efficient. This way your movers won’t have to park a block away.

  1. Have your home (move) readyhowto-wandd-01

You may not know if you have your home ready to go or not. Make sure everything is UNPLUGGED this includes the washer and dryer hook-ups and the refrigerator as well!  Also, movers can’t transport gasoline so make sure you drain your mowers or anything pertaining gasoline! You won’t want to take up any extra time.

  1. Make sure your fur babies are safePretty Woman and Dogs Sitting on the Floor with Moving Boxes in Empty Room

We don’t want to frighten or step on any of your house pets. Make sure you put your pets in a secure room so they are safe and out of the way! This also causes less stress to your animals and gives them a quiet and calm place to relax!

  1. Check off & Sign EVERYTHINGnew-homeowner-checklist

Stewart Moving & Storage does an amazing job moving your things, BUT mistakes can happen! We know you are tired and the last thing you want to do is check off a list but this is important for YOU to make sure nothing got left behind and everything looks the same way it did.


We hope these tips helped you! See you on Move Day!