Planning to Move to a Different Country?


Moving is hard enough when it’s just across town. Have you ever moved to a different state or to a different country? It’s especially important to hire a professional team with International Moving expertise, early in the process of moving to a different country. Many of our military service men and women can tell you what a huge different having the best international mover can make! So whether your upcoming move takes you to Canada, South America, or even ‘across the pond’; it’ll be a bigger project than any ;local move you’ve experienced!

Here are some International Moving Tip s from Stewart Moving & Storage, who has been moving families around the globe for decades:

  • Start preparing 6-8 weeks ahead of your intended move date. Just like a local move- organization is key to reducing stress for you and your family. Moving to another country can be an int-effiel-bannerexciting adventure!  Plan ahead, prepare for surprises, and keep your eye on the prize- which for you, is meeting new people and learning a new culture in your new country!
  • Find a Full Service Partner. From planning stages through the completion of your international move, you will want to have 1 main point of contact.  This international moving company should start by providing you the estimate; pack your belongings, wrap your furniture, custom crate your high value items, guarantee your pick up dates and more.  The last thing you need to worry with is coordinating multiple companies as you prepare to relocate around the world!
  • From passports, to registrations, to visa’s and more.  You will need to be sure to keep your paperwork handy during your move to a new country!  Don’t forget your immunization records, medical certificates, work and driving permits, and export declaration forms. If you’re taking the family car or boat with you- titles and registration will be required.
  • Once you arrive in your new country- there are just a few more things to complete the transition. Notify the local embassy or consulate and make sure they have copies of the visa and other items they need. Reach out to your moving company- they will connect you to the destination agent; you will want to ensure they have all your contact info to expedite the delivery of your belongings. When they arrive- inspect thoroughly

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