Message from the Claims Desk 4.5.16


Message from the Claims Desk:


Good Morning Stewart Family:

I would like to start off by congratulating the Villanova Wildcats men’s basketball team by winning the NCAA men’s division 1 basketball tournament last night in thrilling fashion. This 68 team tournament, commonly referred to as March Madness, began in 1939 and was the brain child of then Ohio State University’s coach Harold Olsen. The Wildcat’s win last night marked their first championship since 1985 and second in tournament history. With an office in North Carolina we undoubtedly have some disappointed Tar heel fans out there. So as the week pushes on don’t focus on the details of the game, instead focus on the details written for PBO (Packed by owner) cartons.

This week I would like to talk about identifying damage and contents of PBO ctns on an inventory. I know that most of you believe that we are not liable for PBO ctns; however that is not always the case. If a PBO ctn arrives at destination with damage to it or the entire carton ends up missing, we could be held liable. Now, I know that some customer’s own boxes aren’t in the best condition. Who hasn’t moved the person with a hundred of those beat up banana boxes they got from behind the local grocery store.

I am not suggesting that you write conditions and location on every box, merely that you notate the boxes that show obvious signs of damage, especially totes. If the box is open or has something written on the side, identify the contents or markings on the inventory. This is important because if the numbers fall off the cartons the customer may claim that their box is missing, and if every inventory line says 1.5ctn – PBO there is a good chance the customer will get paid.

So inspect those PBOs, write down the damage, do you best to make each individual item unique, and we will be able to prevent these claims altogether.


Robert Wright – Claims Manager