Message from the Claims Desk

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Good Morning Stewart Family,
Next week, Monday May 30th, will mark the 148th year that the United States has observed Memorial Day. This holiday was borne out of the Civil War in 1868 to honor the heroes that lost their lives for our great nation. So as you fire up those grills this weekend and remember those great defenders of our country, also think about how you can defend our company against one of the largest potential claims expenses.
This week I would like to talk about the removal of items affixed to the customer’s residence. I am talking about pictures hanging on the wall, mounted TVs, washer and refrigerator’s water lines, and even dryer’s vent line. Now I know that sometimes it’s just quicker and easier to take these items off or install them yourselves, but doing so will open us up for a great deal of liability.
For example if you are disconnecting the water lines for the washing machine and the water line breaks, we could be held liable for the resulting damage done from the water. This means that just performing a simple favor can result in several thousand dollars in repairs.
All of our customers should have been advised prior to your arrival that we do not perform these tasks because of the liability that can arise from doing so. If our customers were unaware then explain the reasoning to them in a polite and respectful way and the majority will be understanding.
So avoid disconnecting anything attached to the residence, explain the reason why, and be polite when doing so.
Robert Wright – Claims Manager