Message from the Claims Desk 9.6.16

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Good Morning Stewart Family,

We made it! As the season of late nights and no weekends in finally coming to a close, we would like to say thank you. Thank you to all of the members of Stewart Moving and their families that made this yet another successful season. Your continued pride, perseverance, and hard work make the logo we all wear on our chest mean something.

This week I want to talk about finishing the job. We have all been there, you just unloaded 20,000 lbs and the customer missed about 40 numbers and, oh by the way, there are still bunk beds and cribs to put together. You’re tired and hungry and you just want to be done with that job. However, this is the time of the day that separates the good movers from the great ones.

Ensuring that every number is checked off and that the customer signs the inventory will protect us from paying for missing items. We all know by now how expensive that can be. Not assembling items can very expensive as well. Even when all the pieces are there if the customer desires to claim that the item was not assembled by us it can result in us having to pay a 3rd party to do so. Which I have seen cost as much as $480.00 for one item.

So continue to be great movers, take pride in your work, and finish those jobs.


Robert Wright – Claims Manager