Hiring Professional Movers- What to Expect

Hiring Professional Movers- What to Expect


If this is your first time hiring professional movers- welcome to the world of just pointing where you want your couch to go and watching it appear there. That sounds lovely, I am sure- especially to someone who has moved themselves in recent memory! What else can you expect when you hire professional movers?  We believe that communication is one of the single most powerful tools we can have in making a move stress free and YOU knowing what to expect is a HUGE part of that.  You will feel more comfortable with the process, you’ll be able to tell us if something isn’t going right, and there will be opportunities for you to be prepared for things you wouldn’t have otherwise been aware of.

The execution of a flawed plan will be doomed before the start. We do not mean to get all philosophical here but it’s true. If the movers expect to move 30 items from a ground floor home to another single level home 6 miles away but show up on move day to 90 items in a 3-level home going 20 miles away with an extra stop to pick up a few more thing in between…. Well, we are sure you can guess how that move day is about to go, right? The point is to start your move with the most accurate survey possible and that takes place with an in-person meeting. there are great virtual options as well but the industry, best practice is to let a trained surveyor visit your home and take a look.

Make your service selections mindfully.  Be realistic with what you think you can accomplish on top of your already busy life.  Yes, having your moving company pack for you will cost more than if you do all your own packing.  Consider having the movers pack the time consuming or fragile items.  Packing books, bedding, and kid’s toys is quick & easy but the china, knick-knacks, and kitchen may be worth the investment for your family.  Also, put thought into the valuation options. You have insurance on your belongings when they are simply existing inside of your home, surely, they are worth protecting when being placed into a truck and relocated. Just like you have car insurance for the worst-case scenario, you should consider those same principals when selecting your valuation.

Even the best laid plans often go awry and that could not be more poignant when moving. Closings delay, weather changes, trucks break down- you name it.  The only way to combat these is constant and thorough communication.  If work has been nuts or your spouse has been sick and you are behind in getting packed & ready- let your mover know!  If there are rumblings about delays in your closing, let your mover know. If your you think you may need storage but had not originally planned for it- simply let your mover know.  We can adapt, jump in, help, and support you through your relocation as long as we know in advance.  We’ll revise your move plan, give you an updated estimate and provide that seamless experience you’re hiring us for.

Moving out of state or long distance changes aspects of a move. Including what can go on the truck and what can’t! Be sure to go over this with your moving company ahead of time.  If there are questionable items, get the clarification you need to be ready on move day. On long distance moves (or if your items are moving into storage), it isn’t recommended to leave dresser drawers full of clothing- a common practice during local moves.  The added stress of the longer duration on the truck is too much for even solid furniture to bear. Local or long distance, the safety constraints of Non Allowable items remains the same- nothing explosive, corrosive, combustible or flammable can be loaded onto the moving truck.

Think of things in your garage, kitchen and bathroom carefully while you pack – some items you wouldn’t expect actually fall into this category. Another tip from your movers- no open liquid containers on long distance moves, especially. We’ve seen it all too often, a lid isn’t screwed all the way back on it loosens in transit… leaks in a box ruining what’s in it…. soaks thru and ruins what’s under it…. UGH!  Not worth it- dispose of open liquids or pack them carefully to take in your own car, along with those non-allowable items.

One of the questions we get most often are about things your mover wishes you knew- these could be some of the best tips in this entire article. I you do nothing else, take these 4 moving hacks seriously. Yes, your Move Coordinator or Customer Service Re is actually your new BFF.  It is their entire job to coordinate with you and operations for a flawless move. The best chance the have to accomplish this is free flowing communication. Tell them everything- it will be worth your time and effort on move day when it all goes smoothly.

Don’t overschedule move day- especially when it comes to trying to move ON closing day.  A delayed closing is stressful enough before you factor in the movers sitting there, ready to load/ deliver … trying to reschedule last minute and any delay or unexpected storage costs!

Having everything boxed up.  Yes, we do mean everything and no- little random Amazon or liquor boxes are not a great idea even if they are free.  Use standard sized moving boxes: small (known as a 1.5), medium (known as a 3.0), and large (known as a 4.5) so they are able to be stacked and handled uniformly.


At the end of the (moving) day; having fully met expectation will determine if you had a great experience or not-so-great one.  We hope this helps you know what to expect from a professional moving company and answers some of the most common questions we hear from first time customers.