Why Hire a Moving Company?

Why hire a Moving Company?


When people choose to hire a moving company, it’s usually for the less obvious reasons. Sure, moving is exhausting and things are heavy- that’s the obvious. It’s the details that go along with it, what the moving company can assist you with, that usually makes the decision to hire a moving company.  So how will you make your decision to Do It Yourself or hire help for your upcoming move? Let us run through the most common reasons why others have chosen to work with professional movers and see if that helps you decide. It’s not usually about budget either, surprisingly….

  • Moving companies will assemble and disassemble furniture. I consider myself pretty handy but furniture disassembly and reassembly is a time consuming & often frustrating task. A huge perk of working with the professionals is that they will take care of it. Beds and bunk-beds, tables, exercise equipment, grandfather clocks. Usually anything like trampolines, pool tables, or items that needs to be crated to be moved will require a moving specialist, usually referred to as third party.
  • When you hire a professional moving company, they will pad or shrink wrap your furniture prior to moving it. When I moved myself, I never even thought of that so every time a wall got bumped, a doorway was banged, or items shifted in the truck- we had moving related damage.  Moving companies use furniture pads, which look a lot like quits; secured by either tape, shrink wrap, or enormous rubber bands.
  • Moving companies can also store your belongings. Most reputable movers also have storage facilities.  Sure- they can also move your belongings into a mini storage or self-storage facility, but the furniture pads would have to be removed.  If a moving company stored your belongings in their own facility- the furniture stays safely wrapped. If you will need storage, try to find a mover that offers it in house- it’s a much more seamless experience.
  • If you choose hire a moving company- they can also pack & unpack for you. Sure, there is a price- but if you don’t have time or you’re just not good at it (honestly, I am a terrible packer! So many things break when I pack myself)- just let the professional packers work their magic.  You also can just have them pack the challenging, heavy, or most fragile items.  Trust me, they will make short work of the packing and your items will arrive in better condition than if you packed yourself. And bonus- if they unpack for you, they will also haul off the boxes and packing materials, at no additional charge.
  • Even if you’re looking for a service that the moving company can’t provide – they can likely coordinate it for you. Want your TV unmounted & remounted? Complicated gym equipment with lots of pulleys and moving parts? Moving your extensive wine collection, your car, or just getting your pool table disassembled and crated for transport- these are likely services that your mover doesn’t directly provide but they work closely with reputable providers that do. Specialty services are best coordinated by your mover because they can work directly with the provider to best plan the timing to flow best with everything else that’s going on.
  • The truck… chances are you’re going to need one. Moving companies own just about every size truck possible from small vans to tractor trailers and everything in between. They are also very experienced at driving and loading these big trucks.  I drove a 26-foot moving truck myself once and it was scary & stressful, and I wasn’t even in in a busy or downtown area. What if your belongings won’t fit into a rental sized moving truck, then you’re stuck making multiple trips- if this is the case, it might make a lot of sense to hire a professional moving company.

Hiring a moving company is about convenience, expertise, and because your time and energy are better spent caring for your family and settling into your new home.  So if you’re asking yourself if you should hire a moving company- ask yourself instead if you’d rather be doing something (ANYTHING) else… the answer is probably a resounding YES!