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Pros: Hiring a Moving Company From Richmond, Virginia or Moving By Yourself

Hiring a Moving Company from Richmond, Virginia or Should I Just Do it Myself?

The moving process comes with many options – which home to buy or rent, whether to hire a moving company or just do it yourself – some of many questions to ponder before you move.

Stewart Moving & Storage is here to help you feel less overwhelmed as you narrow down the positive aspects of hiring a moving company vs DIY (doing it yourself).

While many people are unable to lift a heavy couch down a flight of stairs, one’s moving budget also comes into question. Even your dearest of friends may not be the handy or reliable moving type, so here is a list of favored features for both options.

Hiring Movers 



Unless you enjoy lifting heavy clunky furniture, Richmond Stewart Moving & Storage can eliminate your future strained muscles, scratched floors and smudged walls with their professional and experienced moving approach.

Their uniformed drivers work full-time and each undergoes a drug screen and background check – not to mention they are skilled and trained at what they do (


With moving comes the stress of having enough boxes, supplies, man-power and moving trucks available for the big move day. There are also those tiny details one may forget when moving to a new town, such as fine tuning those resources you will need once you arrive. Richmond Stewart Moving & Storage provides a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” resource on their website, making your move that much easier.

If you are moving out of state, they even provide a link of the nearest DMV in order to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration – definitely a must to check out!


Once you have done your research and have hired an experienced moving company, they will most likely be reliable – friends may cancel on you, while your moving company is under contract to carry out the job.

When hiring a moving company From Richmond, Virginia like Richmond Stewart Moving & Storage, they will arrive on time providing the appropriate moving supplies and equipment, such as appliance dollies, hand trucks and moving pads, minimizing wasted time and increasing the efficiency of your move.

Do It Yourself



If you absolutely do not have the budget to hire movers and this is your only option due to finances, DIY may save you money, but it will not save you the peace of mind, stress and efficiency involved with hiring a professional and experienced moving company


A professional moving company will usually request that all of your moving boxes be sealed and labeled to save time and confusion. Should you DIY you can pack as you choose and leave as many boxes open as you would like, but personally, why would you want to?

Hiring a Moving Company From Richmond, Virginia? Stewart Moving & Storage in Richmond, Virginia offer some final tips in closing – if your move is for relocation of work, remember that you may be able to receive a substantial tax deduction. In that case, the more you spend on moving expenses, the more money you will be able to deduct.