Couple Moving during the holidays

Tips for Moving to/from Jacksonville, Florida over the Christmas Holiday

Tips for Moving to/from Jacksonville, Florida over the Christmas Holiday

For those of us who celebrate the Christmas holiday, we understand how hectic this time of year can be. Whether you attend the annual office Christmas party or host a holiday event at your home, there is also the decorating, finding that perfect holiday tree, holiday baking and more.

What if you had to move during this busy time of year? Before you stress at just the idea of it – there is a solution and where there is a will, there is a way.

Organization is the key to success in almost any goal you are trying to reach and Stewart Moving & Storage offers you the following tips in order to be successful.


Accept the realization that you will not get everything done on your holiday list as you will be taking on your move, but you can allow for many of your favorite holiday traditions to be celebrated.

Make a list of your holiday “must dos” and your priority holiday “want tos.” Meaning, you will definitely not miss out on your children’s holiday presentation and the traditional decorating of your holiday tree.

Those favorite Christmas traditions you enjoy (whether you have kids or not) like baking your traditional sugar cookies or grandma’s secret fudge recipe can be prioritized as your “want to.” Just choose when these festivities will take place and you will not have to miss out entirely. This is the perfect time to calendar the days you will complete the following moving tasks.


Select a place for your boxes – your garage is ideal if you have one and declutter by going room to room.

Make a point of getting your boxes as early as possible – even shortly before your closing date. Pack all of your non-essentials, such as books (you can visit your library if you absolutely need that book read during the holidays and move preparation). Pack your off seasonal clothes, extras in the attic and basement, linens and more.


The first thing you should do is research a local moving company that has been in business for at least ten years, confirming the Jacksonville, Florida moving company is in good standings with the Better Business Bureau.

Look no further than Stewart Moving and Storage.

Stewart Moving and Storage provides a modern fleet of moving trucks with permanent logos attached to both sides of their moving trucks and their trained move team utilizes the latest techniques to protect your possessions and home. They also provide full-time, uniformed employees who undergo a background check and drug screening.


Depending on how close your moving day is to Christmas, there are many decorations you can add to give your home that warm holiday feel.

When decorating your holiday tree, choose to use the lights, tinsel and popcorn strands for easy set-up and take down. Hang a few favorite ornaments on your tree, but set most aside as taking individual ornaments down can be time consuming. Set out a few of your favorite table top decorations and add some snow spray to a few windows – simple, easy and festive.


Before you move away, take time to enjoy the holiday events in your community – visit Santa at your neighborhood mall, support your local Christmas parade or drive through the old neighborhood and see the holiday lights.

Do not allow stress to invade your holiday memories and remember to calendar your “fun” holiday traditions. If you have prioritized and calendared the most meaningful and important things to you and your family, no one will be missing out.


Stewart Moving & Storage recommends holiday movers plan ahead and book their moving company as soon as they know the move will take place in December.

Many moving companies take time off over the holidays, but if they are aware you need to move during that time, arrangements can be made. Contact Stewart Moving and Storage and ease your mind.