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Moving to Richmond Virginia? Here are some things we think you have to do in your first 90 days.

Moving to Richmond Virginia?  Here are some things we think you have to do in your first 90 days.


If you are moving to Richmond Virginia, we’ve got some great news for you.  Richmond is a growing city filled with incredible opportunity to do outdoor activities, see historic sites, explore amazing art, taste incredible food and enjoy a killer nightlife.  The revitalization of Richmond started in the 90’s with a focus on VCU, the college in downtown Richmond. Now the scene is exploding with business and culture. So, now that you are moving to Richmond, here are some must do’s in your first 90 days in our beautiful city.


Outdoor Activity – Most people don’t know, but Richmond has some awesome class IV rapids along the famous James River – and you can launch your adventure right from the center of the city.  Go to the dock where William Byrd established Richmond and get Kayak Lessons on the Class IV rapids.  You will not only enjoy the thrill of river, but the city itself is the backdrop for your adventure.  It’s amazing.


Historic Sites – Richmond is full of Civil War era history.  You can literally spend days downtown exploring cobblestone streets of the past and visit the church where Patrick Henry gave his famous “give me liberty” speech to Edgar Allen Poe’s house, where he wrote the famous Raven.  It’s a lot to take in, so we recommend the Segway of Richmond.  Their professional historical tour guide will show you everything you would want to see, and you will leave truly knowing the rich history of Richmond.


Art Scene – If it’s art you want, it’s art you will get. Richmond is the center of Art in the south.  Thanks to VCU and their focus on art and brand, there is literally art everywhere. If you are new to Richmond, you have to hit up two spots.  One is the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  It is an epic journey into historical and modern art.  There are wine events and other fun activities you can check out.  The other stop is the recently opened VCU Institute of Contemporary Art.  The building structure itself is a masterpiece, but the work inside is modern and truly unique.


Incredible Food – I am just going to lump in food and drink into one because, well, Richmond does food and drink like no other city.  Richmond recently ranked #1 in brewery and wineries per capita in the entire US of A according to WalletHub.  So if you like local craft beers, you are in luck. Our favorite is a spot called The Veil Brewing Co. right in the heart of Scott’s Addition.  I will put it like this, when they release a new flavor of beer – there is a line around the block waiting to purchase a six pack.  It’s that good. For food, we want to make sure you hit two spots in your first 90 days. The first is Asado’s wings and tacos.  I know what you are thinking…wings and tacos??  Trust us, these are the best wings and tacos in the land.  They smoke their wings before frying them so every bite is the and the taco’s come in all shapes and sizes.  You’ve got to try it. For something a little more formal, you have to go to Edo Squid’s.  It is hand’s down the best little Italian restaurant in the city. They are so cool and old school, they don’t even have an official website.  No need. Their special’s are written on a chalkboard and you better get there and order quick because they don’t last!


Nightlife – If you are into that night life, and you want to experience the scene of Richmond, there is no shortage of choices.  For us, we like The Hof Garden. This Industrial-style beer hall features unique drafts, pub grub & a big roof deck with DJs on weekends.  You can party all night on this rooftop deck and get scenic views of the entire city. If you want something a little different, check out the Quirk hotel.  It’s got a rooftop experience you won’t soon forget.  You don’t have to stay a night in the hotel (although we recommend you do) in order to enjoy their rooftop bar experience.  


After writing this list, we really feel like you could spend everyday exploring Richmond and you would still find something new.  Richmond is so rich in culture, food and drink. Once you get moved in and settled, take our little guide here and give it a spin.   Richmond is really a special city that you will be glad to call home.

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