Memorial Day weekend tips

Tips for Moving to/from Pensacola, Florida Over the Memorial Day Weekend

Tips for Moving to/from Pensacola, Florida Over the Memorial Day Weekend

While moving during any holiday weekend is challenging, there are strategies you can apply to make your move smooth. Being prepared is the most effective tip for you and there may also be some challenges you do not want to overlook.

Stewart Moving & Storage would like to share the following tips with you and know they are here to help you along the way.

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Moving Companies May Be Booked

 There are times you cannot change the date of your move and you may be stuck with a busy weekend – such as Memorial Day – to move you and your family to or from Pensacola, Florida.

Should that be the case, plan ahead! Contact a professional moving company such as Stewart Moving & Storage and they will offer you so much more than a free quote.

They will provide you with a Move Coordinator who will help you from the very beginning of your move to the end, along with customized service for every mover.


Availability of Family & Friends

 Memorial Day Weekend is usually a time for fun and relaxation. Your friends and family may have already made plans to celebrate the holiday, so asking ahead is a must.

Why not turn your holiday move weekend into a Memorial Day celebration? Plan a backyard cookout before you pack the BBQ and outdoor furniture and invite your family & friends over for “move-barbeque” event. Make it a BBQ-potluck and ask your guests to bring a salad or dessert!


Holiday Store Closures

 Stock up on as many last minutes moving items as possible. I am referring to packing tape, boxes, furniture pads, moving blankets and such. There may be stores that stock these items, which will be closed for the holiday.

Stewart Moving & Storage also provides online ordering of packing supplies – affordable rates for packing, storage, moving and more!

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The packing & moving supplies are extremely important but don’t forget the other essentials that will keep your agile body moving, such as water, healthy snacks and possibly pre-made iced coffee.


Holiday Road Closures

 Memorial Day Weekend has been known to celebrate with festivals, parades and other means of celebrations – so be aware of road closures and timely delays.

Stewart Moving & Storage is able to guide you through traffic-related delays in Pensacola, Florida and you can also be more prepared for events and road closures by checking in here.



 Hotel Closures

If you are moving to Pensacola, Florida or leaving the beautiful city, keep in mind that the holidays are a busy time to travel and long-distance traveling may require you book a room. Please be advised to book your room way in advance to avoid no vacancies – worst yet – having to sleep in your car. It can happen, so avoid the unfortunate incidents by planning ahead.


Drunk Drivers/Reckless Drivers

 Statistics have shown that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol rise drastically over holiday weekends.

If you are not able to wrap up your move the day before Memorial Day festivities, be aware of your surroundings and stay alert. Stewart Moving & Storage shares the following common sense tips with you – Be cautious at intersections, click your seatbelt, allow a generous following distance from the car in front of you and avoid driving at night.

Have a safe and stress-free move. You can do this!