Moving with a Baby

Moving with a Baby to/from Pensacola, Florida – Help is on the Way

Moving with a Baby to/from Pensacola, Florida – Help is on the Way

Whether you are moving within Pensacola or across the state of Florida, there are many decisions to be made and moving with a new addition to the family brings even more questions. Have no fear, Stewart Moving & Storage is here. They have compiled a list of Moving with a Baby tips to ease your weary mind.


While maintaining one’s comfort seems like such a practical choice, there are issues you may encounter if trying to move on your own. For instance, some rental trucks do not provide backseats or allow car seats while the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires all babies be in a safety approved car seat with children up to age 12 riding in the backseat.

Why not choose a reputable and experienced moving company to make the moving process easier for everyone.

Stewart Moving & Storage offers expert move planning, experienced move teams, on time pick-up and delivery, state-of-the-art storage facilities and highly maintained equipment:


Designate a “baby room” on move day – set up a play yard with a few of your lil’ one’s favorite things – not only will you be keeping your baby safe on move day, but this will provide easy care throughout the day.

Tend to any moving day projects while your baby is napping and remember to keep to your regular schedule as much as possible. You will be happy you did as your baby will thank you as well.

Should you not be able to provide a “baby room” – plan ahead and ask a friend or relative to babysit on your move day.


If you are moving long-distance, plan the easiest route with the best destination stops for you and your family. Keep in mind rest stops with changing areas and a place to stroll and stretch your legs – consider lodging accommodations and fun places to eat.


Be sure to schedule a check-up for your baby before you travel, assuring your new lil’ traveler is healthy and set to travel.

It could prove beneficial to research day care and schools in your area – possibly plan a prior trip before your big move day so you are set to continue with life after you move in.


The sooner the nursery is set up, the better – reach out to Stewart Moving & Storage for assembling the baby furniture, such as the crib and other important items you will need ready after the move:

Always test the stability of the furniture after the set up and before using it with your baby.


Purchase those important safety items, such baby gates, outlet covers, corner/edge bumpers, and safety locks and latches – preventing your curious little monkey from many injuries and hazards.

Stewart Moving & Storage recommends that any new parent or guardian take the needed breaks and any moment you can relax – do so. Babies require a lot of our energy and they can sense our stresses.