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To Do List Before the Moving Company Arrives – In & Out of Pensacola, Florida

Moving To Do List for Pensacola, Florida

Hiring an experienced moving company can be your saving grace as you approach the big move day – in order to be on the same team, Stewart Moving & Storage is here with a handy checklist.

  1. Unplug & Photograph Complex Technology

In layman’s terms, unplug smaller appliances, such as the toaster,   coffee pot, etc., but take a photo of the complex cable work behind the television, stereo, computer – you know the techno-type. By taking a picture of complex re-plug-ins, you will save yourself time and frustration.

  1. Mark, Mark, Mark Those Boxes

Organize your supplies by room and mark every box, even if the moving company will be assisting you with the packing duties. Be sure to write legibly and large – you do not want any confusion when it comes time to delivering the boxes to the proper location.

You can count on Stewart Moving & Storage for as much or as little as you need:

  1. Separate Fragile/Important Documents

Pack your own fragile items and important documents – your   moving company will thank you, too. Clearly mark as “Fragile” and set these boxes aside, keeping them with you in your car – it will be an additional stress-free task that you will not regret!

  1. Inventory of Plants

Gather all of your favorite plants for the movers but remember there are certain kinds of plants the moving company is not authorized to pack. Once you have decided what you would like to keep for yourself on move day and what plants you would like the movers to pack – proceed to your next task!

  1. A Place for Fido

Whether you have a dog, cat or ferret on the loose, be kind to the movers and your precious pets by isolating your furry friends to an area in your yard or large crate. Maybe there is a relative or friend who can pet sit for the day in order to maintain safety and much needed attention to Fido before the big move day.

  1. Know What the Movers Cannot Move

Stewart Moving & Storage suggest you request a list of the items the movers are not allowed to ship. This way you will save time by knowing what to get rid of, move yourself or donate to friends and family.

For instance, perishable foods and hazardous materials such as pesticides, propane tanks, motor oils or any flammable or explosive items cannot be transported by a moving company:

  1. Don’t Forget the Obvious

Drain the fuel from all fuel-powered tools, such lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc, and also remove oils from deep fryers and other cooking devices.

Remove your bedsheets and covers from couches, futons and such – being mindful to also pack your bedding in a separate box. Last tip – remove batteries from any devices and keep with you in a clearly-marked container.

Stewart Moving & Storage wishes you the best on your upcoming move and they encourage you to reach out, should you have any moving questions.

Here are even more packing & moving tips: