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Moving Hacks you Should Know When Moving to/from Pensacola, Florida

Moving Hacks you Should Know When Moving to/from Pensacola, Florida

 While moving can be an emotional bag of excitement, stress and hope, having a few moving hacks up your sleeve will bring you peace.   Stewart Moving & Storage brings you the following hacks, tips, checklist – whatever you want to call it – with sincere hope you will find   these tools useful.



Not for the garbage of course – but garbage bags to easily store your clothes on hangers. Keep your clothes on hangers to save time and keep your precious apparel protected.

Poke a hole in the bottom of the garbage bag so the hangers can fit through and this way, you will eliminate the risk of wrinkles, keep your clothes in the same order as they were originally hung and protect them from the outside elements. Don’t forget to label your bags before you put the clothes inside – you wouldn’t want a permanent marker to bleed through your dapper duds.



 Move day can be an exhausting event, so don’t plan on doing all of your unpacking and organization on the same day. Better yet, label a “First Night Box” and be sure that box is packed in your personal vehicle with you.

Ideas for your first night box are general cleaning supplies, paper plates, cups & plastic utensils, toiletries, toilet paper, medication, coffee maker & coffee, and any other important items if you have pets or small children (favorite toy, pet food and bowls, etc.).

Pretend you are packing for a trip. Ask yourself – what items do I normally pack when going away overnight? The rest will click and be sure the kids have a special bag for their essential items, too.



The first thing you should do is research a local moving company that has been in business for at least ten years, confirming the Pensacola, Florida moving company is in good standings with the Better Business Bureau (Click here for high quality movers!).

Look no further than Stewart Moving and Storage.

They are a local reputable moving company with a Better Business Bureau A+ accredited service. There are not many moving companies in Pensacola that can boast these A+ ratings – actions clearly speak louder than words.



 I can’t tell you how many times someone in my family would ask for the packing tape or the scissors during our moves. Don’t let this happen to you. Be prepared and pack a small box or basket with all of your packing supplies in place – all in one grand location! This will save you so much lost time.

Stewart Moving and Storage recommends you gather a couple black permanent markers, labels, packing tape(s), scissors, screwdriver, baggies and whatever comes to mind. Keep them together in your one ideal location – this will save you time and frustration!



 If you have a sock drawer – keep it out – light and convenient, but if not, save space and put your socks inside shoes and boots. This goes for towels and kitchen mitts, too. They can be used to put small knives, salt & pepper shaker – any empty space you can fill up is wise.

Your washer and dryer is empty, so why not fill it with your bedding and pillows? It will be light and you will hardly notice the difference in weight but you will notice you saved yourself time and space.



 Be sure to drain the oil in your kitchen deep fryer, the gas or oil in the weed eater and the lawn mower. Double check that there are no other pieces of equipment that need flammable liquids drained as they are hazardous and most moving companies will not move for you unless they are safely removed.

While it does not contain gas or oil – also defrost your refrigerator, which will avoid a smelly, wet mess.



When choosing a reputable moving company also consider asking your Certified Move Consultant the full company name, company address, how long they have been in business, web site address, references (and call them). Now is the time to use the powerful consumer tool, known as the internet.

Stewart Moving and Storage has designed a professional and detailed website making scheduling and answering questions easy for any upcoming move. A reputable moving company should provide a thorough website with their company’s history, core values, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and contact information. Stewart Moving and Storage provides all of these quality advantages and much more – including a Resource Center with Moving Tips and a Moving Guide all available at their website: Why Choose Stewart?

Stewart Moving & Storage wishes you a stress-free move – contact them, you’ll be glad you did:   Contact Us!