T’was the day before Christmas

T’was the day before Christmas….

valentine-christmas-2Well, it actually started a week before when Lisa Graves with Moving Forward Church visited a local business networking group- BNI Abundance.  She shared the story of an impoverished community on Jeff Davis Highway that her church adopted, to support them in their time of need.  The story of this community touched the heart of Austin Bergman of Valentine Properties.  He immediately made a generous donation but felt he could do more and launched a social media campaign. Within hours, it had gone viral and Austin was asked to speak to CBS 6. The outpouring of love and support from the community was more than anyone could have imagined.  Their office quickly turned into a warehouse of clothes, toys, shoes, grills.

The fellow members of BNI Abundance & local law enforcement rallied around the cause.  Frank Young is a longtime member and also an employee of valentine-christmasStewart Moving & Storage facilitated a generous donation of cardboard boxes to contain the many, many donations- and a truck plus driver to get these items to the families in the community. It took two trips to get the 16 brand new propane grill since with propane tanks most the families have to cook their meals outside, 1500 lbs. of new and used clothes which included new and used shoes.  As well as over 300 toys for the 100 children living there. A large amount of food was donated including frozen foods, can goods and dry goods.

It’s amazing to be even a small part of something so heartwarming and philanthropic, especially during the holiday season.  We are so grateful for Austin Bergman of Valentine Properties for
spearheading the project and allowing Stewart Moving & Storage the opportunity to help!

Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, and most of all- a Happy and Prosperous New Year!