Toy Storage after Moving: The Do’s and Don’ts

With those cute little faces, it’s easy to get carried away with the amount of fun things we buy our little ones. It’s even more evident when moving time comes and the toys and craft supplies continue to roll out of closets, the amount of loving relatives our children have that are also showering them with gifts to be enjoyed. While packing those precious items is a challenge, we want to talk about a few do’s and don’ts to getting organized after the move with the mountains of items your children have acquired and love dearly. When storing for young children, there are a few specifics to keep in mind to make your project a success.


Rotate Toys

Proven to decrease sibling fights, make for easier cleanup, and greater interest when playing with toys; rotating toys can do wonders for alleviating clutter and improving your child’s play experience. When picking toys to rotate, be sure to do so wisely. Make sure toys are well rounded and your child has a little bit of everything, rather than overwhelming or underwhelming them with too many of the same. Pair a few small toys with one or two big crowd pleasers and mix learning toys with those geared towards pure enjoyment. Remember toy rotation is aimed towards a better play experience for your child, with the added benefit of a cleaner & less cluttered play space! Leave those all time favorites out, and set new toys up like it’s Christmas morning when you rotate. Your little ones will love it!

Include them when Decorating

wall-basket-storage                Can toy storage be fun? Your child likes to be involved and is attached your hip…. when will you find the time to go about toy storage and getting organized? Involve them! Getting cute wooden crates to be decorated and making festive labels is a fun activity to do and is a rare craft that decreases mess rather than creating one.

Upcycle Household items

Easter baskets become a car collection station and coffee tins become crayon caddies. We have lots of things just hanging out around our homes that typically are thrown into the trash bin….USE THEM! Making use of household items can be fun and makes getting organized cheaper than ever.

DON’T :           

Buy Storage Containers without Planning

Different toys and crafts require different types of storage bins, and you never know what you have until you check. Take a survey or what items you really want to store and brainstorm for the best way to store them, before making that shopping trip! And remember to do any Upcycling you plan on doing before you make those arrangements to avoid buying unnecessary storage containers.

Forget Your Audiencedo-your-kids-have-more-lego-than-you-know-what-to-do-with-how-about-upcycling-an-old-set-of-drawers-whichll-work-as-storage-a-work-bench-check-out-these-other-ideas-too

Toy storage is a different beast to tame than your traditional storage for other household items. Like most things with young children, toy storage will be slightly more fun and less strict…. that’s the fun in it! Make things accessible and easy to understand for your little ones, so they can play, learn, and clean up on their own. This is a great way to teach your children from a young age the importance of keeping things neat and tidy, so they can always find that ONE toy they are looking for.

Hoard those Long Lost Items

We all get sentimental, but sometimes we take it overboard. It’s ok to let those over-loved items move on in their journey and lighten the toy overload at your home. Be sure to pick a child free time to go through items and to put these things that have seen better days out of sight from your little one. They might not so easily let go of that paper hat that is ripped to shreds as you will!


Moving can uncover many items we forgot we had and also give us an opportunity to improve and better organize our next home…especially those cluttered play areas. Remember, moving companies like Stewart Moving & Storage, have many different storage options and materials for those items that need to be put away for a while. You can also begin to get organized when packing for your new home by classifying toys or making piles of like toys for your moving company to pack and label. Happy organizing and happy packing!