Tips to Conquering a Senior Move

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Tips to Conquering a Senior Move





Moving is tough on everyone, but what about moving as a senior citizen? With the added stress of downsizing, as well as special accommodations that are often needed, a Senior Move can seem daunting. As a moving company with a specialization on senior moves, we put together a quick list of MUST DO’s for any Senior Citizen planning on downsizing and making a Senior Move.

Downsizing Takes Time

As with any move, moving a Senior Citizen often takes much more preparation and time than we anticipate. Beginning your plan of action for downsizing months ahead of time if possible will decrease the stress for you and your loved ones through the moving process.

Know The Floorplan

            If possible, having a floorplan of the new home is key to easy downsizing. This floorplan will allow you to easily eliminate those items that just won’t fit or make sense in the new home. A floor plan also gives you the ability to have an accurate idea of just how much needs to go or stay.

Emotionless Packing Robot’s Not NeededEmotionless Senior Move Robot

            It is easy to become buried in belongings and begin packing and sorting items without thought. Whether packing for yourself or a Senior loved one, it is important to keep in mind emotional attachment to objects. Remember, there are options other than keep or stay piles, such as giving items with emotional attachment to loved ones or placing them in a storage facility.

Bigger to Smaller – Order Makes Perfect

Starting with larger items and moving towards smaller ones when downsizing increases the ease when going through belongings. It is also important to keep in mind a general order to move throughout your home when sorting what will stay and go. Starting in one room and working your way throughout the home day by day is always a good strategy.

Moving… It’s Here!


Don’t let moving day take you or your loved one by surprise, plan ahead of time. Having a clear plan set in place for the movers, utilities, key turn over, etc. will take unneeded stress out of any Senior Move. Having all documents, keys, and any sentimental or valuable items together and easily accessible will be key in an easy transition during moving day.

Opt for Full Service – You Will Thank Me LaterWhite glove Senior Moving

While white glove packing and unpacking services are not always needed, it is by far your best option with a Senior Move. Many moving services such as Stewart Moving and Storage, offer special programs and discounts for these services particularly suited for Senior moves.

Communication and Choice

When moving a loved one it is important to remember communication and choice are vital. Keep options available and be sure to include them in the process to avoid feelings of surprise or confusion. A Senior move can be an exciting time if handled properly and communication and choice are key to that experience!

Senior Moving

Whether moving two doors down or cross country a Senior move has its own set of obstacles that can be intimidating to conquer. While there are many things to keep in mind to make any move as stress free as possible, we feel the list above is a good start and tool to keep handy for an upcoming Senior move. As a moving service, our goal is to take the stress away from moving. As Senior Move Specialist we hope you find these tips helpful! Happy Moving!