The Hidden Risks of Self-Moves

“I’ve got a truck and trailer and some friends, no way I need to hire a moving company when I can just move myself!” This couldn’t be further from the truth.  A very common misperception is that DIY moves offer less risk and can be done for less.  It is in fact proven that you have a greater chance of risks moving yourself rather then hiring a professional company.  Risks like,



In realty- after the fuel, boxes, tape, equipment damages done to truck, trailer, or new house in the process of a self-move can cost equal or sometimes even more than a full service move with a professional moving company.  Plus, is it worth the hassle, worry and stress of being responsible for everything that goes wrong?




Your friends most-likely don’t have the proficiency or strength to carry heavy furniture. That will put you at risk  and now liable for medical bills.

Damaged/ Lost Value

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When you hire a professional moving company you have the benefit of an experienced crew that is trained to secure and insure your property. If any valuables are lost or damaged during a self-move your insurance will likely not offer to replace your items.

Having wasted time






You could spend hours moving your belongings around making it easier to carry, or fit in the tight space you have. Professional movers will have the proper space to fit all of your things and will have the appropriate equipment to move it faster.


Even if you are considering moving yourself, schedule a free in-home estimate for your move at not obligation to you. See what the best option is for you, you have nothing to lose!

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