Preparation for Moving Day Tips

PREPARATION FOR MOVING DAY TIPS wardrobe-moving-kit_20

Whether you have moved multiple times or you are planning your first move, moving is the master of unwanted surprises. While often times we may not have the ability to pull off the perfect move and plan months in advance, it can only be beneficial to alleviate as much as stress as possible before moving day arrives. Whether you have 6 weeks notice, or a few days, we have put together a quick list of things you can do prior to your move to make the process as streamlined as possible. While our preparation for moving list begins 6 weeks out, you can always jump into the list closer to your move and simply back track to those earlier preparations.


School Records

            If you have children in tow during your big move, school can be one of the most important aspects when moving. Research the different options you have for your child’s education at your new home. Once you have decided on your schooling of choice, have a copy of your child’s records handy and scheduled for a transfer between schools. This process can be stressful and time consuming, so getting it out of the way will be a huge relief come moving day.

Move, Sell, Donate, Trash

What is staying, what is going, and what do you simply not want or have the room for anymore? Selling items can take time, so going through things as far in advance as possible is always best when planning a big move. Do your research on where you will donate unwanted items and get those items you are selling posted as soon as possible. Virtual yardsale and Swip/Swap groups on Facebook are great resources when selling items before a move.

Map it Out houseflrplan-svg

            If possible, take a quick look at the floor plan of your new home. Making a quick plan for what will go where can be extremely helpful in deciding on which furniture might go and what might stay. Nothing says stress more than paying to move an item that inevitably will not fit in your new home!



If you are the average American you have a pantry and freezer stocked for the next apocalypse or zombie invasion. It can be surprising how much food you have acquired over the years when moving day comes. Before a move, cut down on your typical grocery list and start depleting your pantry and freezer stockpiles. Most moving companies have contingencies on moving perishable items and at the end of the day, who wants to pay to move groceries?

Gather Supplies

Do you plan on packing yourself? While we would love to pack up and label for you, if this is not your choice of preference, it is best to start gathering boxes and packing supplies as soon as possible. Local grocery and hardware stores will often have boxes you can pick up for free a few at time. Make it a point to check for boxes on your visits to these stores, so you are prepared when the big day arrives.



Get Estimates and Select Your Moving Company

            Now we may be a little biased, but this is our favorite part of planning a move! Check out a few moving companies and ask for in home estimates to be sure you are getting the most accurate price for your move. Be sure to keep in mind referrals and reviews in addition price when deciding on a moving company. Once you have selected your company, confirm and book your move dates and be sure to keep any estimates or information about your move in an easy to remember and access place.

Start Packing

We all have items that are out of season or not often used. Packing these things up in advance can make packing later on much easier and quicker.

Separate Valuables

What will you need to personally transport? Making a small box of items and documents that are of extra importance will help keep these things separate and safe from being accidentally packed or misplaced during the chaos of moving day.

Change Your Address

            While changing your address may seem like a quick and simple task, it can be surprising how many different outlets an address change may be in order for. Make a list of banks, doctors, schools, utilities, etc that might need to be notified of your address change and of course set up a mail forwarding for those you might have missed along the way.


Transfer Utilities

            Nothing is worse than moving to a new home without water or electricity. Be sure to contact and set up your utilities to be turned on to make your new home as welcoming as possible.

Confirm Travel Plans

            During the chaos of getting our belongings to their new home, we can often forget about arrangements for ourselves. Make sure to book and confirm any travel plans you might need to make on your way to your destination.


Schedule Time Off From Work

            Regardless of whether you are moving with your company or beginning a new career, it is important that you make arrangements for the necessary time off during your move and giving your office as much notice as possible is always appreciated.

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Dispose of Hazardous Items 

            Items such as flammables and gasoline will need to be left and disposed of on moving day so plan ahead to discard of these items properly to avoid frustration when the moving truck arrives.




Set Aside Your Box of Valuables and Documents

Put your documents and valuable s in a place out of reach on moving day and make sure you have all the paperwork you might need on moving day to avoid last minute rummaging through neatly packed moving boxes.


Finalize Packing and Confirm

Confirmation is a life saver! Finish up any last minute packing you may have put off and be sure to do your homework when it comes to confirming moving day plans. Making a quick call to the movers, babysitters, realtors, and any other parties involved in moving can save everyone from costly miscommunication errors on the big day.


Stewart Moving and StorageThe day has arrived and you have dotted all of your I’s and crossed your T’s, so relax! Keep that box of important things close by and take a quick walk through of your old home to make sure nothing is left behind. It is also great to take a few quick pictures for security deposit purposes or peace of mind if you are turning the home over to new owners. Make sure utilities have been turned off or transferred to their new owner and relax! You have made you list and checked it twice and are on your way to new home!

Moving is stressful, it’s a fact of life. However, making it a point to be proactive and not save everything to be crammed into the busyness of moving day can be abundantly beneficial in saving you from unwarranted stress! Remember, your moving company is here to help and only a phone call or email away. At Stewart Moving and Storage our mission is to provide you with the best moving experience possible! Don’t hesitate to ask questions and enlist our help during your move! It is what we are here for! Happy planning and happy moving!