Office Move

Office Move- Packing & Preparation


The downtime associated with moving your office is the most costly part of many commercial relocations.  The pre-move preparation is often the most time consuming part of the entire process!  By using these tips on office packing – you will be ready for your upcoming office move!


  • Get the right supplies.
    1. If you have the original boxes for any of your electronics- that is best, definitely use them.
    2. If you’re using a professional moving company- get boxes, e-crates, and/ or commercial bins from them. Many times this is included with your move estimate and some companies will even deliver the supplies.
    3. If your DIY-ing your office move, look for sturdy boxes of various sizes that close securely. Don’t be afraid to reuse boxes; they are often good for more than one use.
  • Time to Pack.
    1. Packing paper is your go to for protecting, padding, and wrapping most of your office items. Don’t use newsprint- the ink will transfer to all of your items.  Packing paper is available through most moving companies, online, and office supply stores.  Some self-storage facilities also offer a full array of moving supplies, including packing paper.  Use crumpled packing paper to fill in any gaps or voids in the boxes to keep things from moving around inside.
    2. Bubble wrap is great for the really fragile electronics and office items. Most moving companies do not use bubble wrap but if you’re doing it yourself- it can be great for glass panels, computer screens, and other fragile things.
    3. Don’t forget to label and pack cords. It is usually best to keep it with the item it belongs to- or- keep all the cords and plugs in 1 place, all together.  Place small items in bags or secure together – it will just make your life easier on the other side of the relocation. Label everything- seriously; you may have the best memory ever but once everything is all moved around and in your new space- you will not be able to remember what’s in the box labeled ‘office’.

OR- just leave it to the professionals.  You have plenty to do without taking on a second full time job of moving your office.  Sure- the price tag on a professional move can be just another ‘thing’ in your overall office relocation. Think of the additional downtime and lost productivity if you do it yourself.  Add up the hours of your time and the value of your time if you’d been able to keep working instead.   You’ll also have peace of mind, knowing that trained professional office movers are taking care of your belongings.