Need Insurance After Your Move?

We all know moving is tough and hiccups are to be expected. Being prepared for the challenge is half the battle and while we (or our belongings) often take some damage from the moving process, we eventually arrive at our new place to call home. However, those of us that are experienced movers know that the long list of settling into a new home has only just begun once our boxes are unloaded. As professional movers we know the move doesn’t end when we deliver your shipment and want to be there for you in any way possible. As active members of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and the North East Florida Builder’s Association, we have made multiple business partners with exceptional companies that might come in handy during a move.  Whether you are moving down the street or have made a long distance move, insurance is something we all need almost immediately after a move. For this reason Stewart Moving & Storage has chosen to recommend Demetree Insurance of Jacksonville, Florida for all of your insurance needs.

Why Demetree Insurance?


The People

Regardless the business type, the employees make all the difference. Demetree Insurance provides a welcoming and professional atmosphere that is unparalleled in the insurance world. Professionalism goes a long way , and it is something you can expect with each and every encounter with the team at Demetree Insurance.

All in One Stop

If you are like me, at one time or another you have had 4 different insurance companies to deal with depending on the type of insurance policy that needs attention. While having so many different companies can be difficult to deal with on a daily basis, it can make finding new insurance after a move overwhelming! While we all like to shop around and get the best bang for our buck, Demetree Insurance offers just that in all areas of insurance. Offering commercial, personal, life, and health insurance, providing it all is part of what makes them so unique and a great asset when simplifying the moving process.

Local Matters jacksonville view , insurance

Sometimes face to face is just better and Demetree Insurance can provide that. While we all have become accustomed to emails and phone calls, sometimes we need to just sit down in front of someone to get those complicated situations handled. Local to the Jacksonville area since 1970, Demetree Insurance can provide that one to one contact in those special cases. Being local and actively involved in the community of Jacksonville is also something that is very important to many of us, and with Demetree Insurance you can support just that.

We get it, moving is tough and your list only begins when we drop off your shipment, so let us help! We have taken the time to grow relationships with many other reputable businesses that go hand in hand with making the move and would love to recommend them to you. To check out Demetree Insurance just click on the link.

Happy Moving!