Moving in December


If you are moving in December we can understand you may be dreading it. With the holidays and cold weather it might not be ideal, however Stewart Moving & Storage is here to help.

Illuminated house at dusk

Weather- It is important that you watch the weather channel, local news, or your weather app closely during the week of your move. You will want to be prepared for snowfall, ice or severe cold weather. Stewart Moving & Storage will contact you directly if weather changes anything with your scheduled service.


Snowfall- You will want to shovel your drive way and sidewalks prior to the move to ensure your family and movers are safe getting in and out of your home. We will have an extra shovel and salt in the truck for safe travels as well.


Floors- Snow, salt, and sand can damage your floors. Stewart Moving & Storage will lay down floor runners and cardboard to protect walkways and sensitive flooring.


Children- You may want to have a friend or family member watch over small children the day of, so you can concentrate on your move. We do offer children’s play packets to keep busy!


Clothing- Our movers will be wearing boots, sweatshirts, hats, and gloves. You will want to prepare your family and yourself to stay warm as the doors will be open during the move.


Drinks- Keep your self hydrated while moving! Keep hot drinks handy, hot tea, hot chocolate etc. This will not only keep you hydrated but warm as well!


Utilities-December brings winter weather and shorter days! Schedule your electricity off at your house a day after the move and on in your new house a day before; you will not regret it!


Moving in December may seem awful but there are some benefits as well. Not only is it cheaper to move in off season, but easier to schedule the day you desire. We are here if you have any questions about your December move! We hope you stay warm, and have a safe and speedy move! Happy Holidays!