Moving With Family in Tow

Moving with Family in Tow

Moving is tough, that’s a given, but adding young children into the mix can be a completely different beast to master. While we are overwhelmed with finding a new home, packing, and getting that new job it is easy for our children to feel left out and have a hard time settling in. As moving and storage experts, we have taken time to research the best tools to help your young children settle into their new home. Regardless of where you are moving, there are often many aids to help you find those activities and perfect places to take your little ones. These activities are perfect for making those new friends, and just becoming acquainted with your new neighborhood.

Mom’s Blogs

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While there are exceptions to every rule, most areas have helpful Mom’s Blogs that can be extremely useful when looking for the perfect activity, park, or even dance class. These sites can be found through a simple google search and often have detailed calendars to help plan a few activities for you and your little one. Not only are there generally many different free or low cost fun options on the calendar, these sites generally have a list of extracurricular classes with great reviews to help find just the right dance studio or soccer team. This saves you the time and hassle of trying 5 studios or teams before finding that perfect one.


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When I was younger a library was a place to check out a few books and take to read at home. Now, many libraries are often the best place to get started when you move to a new neighborhood. Most local libraries offer a full calendar of Storytime’s, craft events, and even music classes for those rambunctious little loves of ours! These free activities can be just the thing to get you and your little one a few friends and feeling right at home. In addition to great Free activities, many library’s also offer discounted or free tickets to attractions such as zoo’s, theme parks, and children’s museums. Just ask your local librarian and they will point in you in the right direction for many Free to Low cost options for family fun in your area!

Kaboom Playground Finder

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Is outside fun your thing and your little one needs to let loose after all of that unpacking? If so, then Kaboom Playground Finder is the perfect tool for you. As a mother of two that is all too accustomed to moving, it can be hard to find a fun playground or outdoor area for your little one to run wild and free. As any mother knows, all parks and playgrounds are not created equal, and every child has their preference. With Kaboom, you can see a list of playgrounds and parks in your area along with reviews and useful details to help you choose which ones to visit so you are not left running around town with a disappointed child in tow  when google maps takes you to an Industrial park instead of that swing set and slide you promised! You can check it out at:

Moving is tough, and even tougher when you are moving a family with young children, with the tools above it can be an adventure to explore and enjoy the new activities and friends that your new home has to offer. While it is true that moving will always be stressful, we hope these tools will help ease the stress of moving for those most important in our lives.