Message from the Claims Desk 6.21.16

Claims Warning

Good Morning Stewart Family,

I would like to start off by saying congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers for winning its first championship for a franchise that has been in the NBA since 1970. In fact, of the three major sports teams in Cleveland (Cavaliers, Indians, and Browns) none of them have hoisted a championship trophy in the last 52 years! Clevelander’s have endured multiple occasions of heartbreak over the years with many of their teams miraculously losing multiple championship games. So when we are servicing our customer’s lets be aware of how we can prevent our own customer’s feeling of loss.

This week I would like to talk about avoiding customer inconvenience. There are several aspects of inconvenience and some of which can cost the company a lot of money. For example, when you are loading a shipment and realize that there will be an overflow, make sure that the customer’s beds, refrigerator, and any other essential items are loaded with the main portion. Overflows are not often planned and typically arrive a few days after the main portion, and leaving just one mattress can cause an inconvenience claim to be filed. This means that the company will have to pay for food and hotel each night until the overflow arrives, and for an entire family this can be as much as $400 per night!

On pack day, ask the customer if they need any food or cookware left out or if they are going to continue to sleep at the residence. If so, leave out all of the indicated items and have a carton made up so the items can be packed when the customer is done with them. Always ask the customer before packing the TV’s, internet router, bedding, or any other items that the customer may want to use after we are gone. These questions will display professionalism as well as create a positive perception of you in the mind of our customers.

So load those beds, think about what you would want, and ask questions…



Robert Wright – Claims Manager