Message from the Claims Desk 5.17.16

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Message from the Claims Desk

Good Morning Stewart Family,
Yet another rainy Tuesday has arrived for the majority of our service area, and for some us, it will continue throughout the remainder of the week. Mother nature continues to taunt us with beautiful weather and clear skies only to revert back to the chilly rainy days. During this roller coaster ride of a spring, think about our customers and how we can evoke the feeling of a sunny day through their moving day storm.
This week I would like to talk about attitude. We have all endured the situations where the customer is asking us to move that one heavy piece six different times or even co-worker who says that they’re not doing anything today. Getting a negative attitude with the customer or a co-worker creates a stressful environment for everyone on the job which will inevitably lead to claims.
When a customer submits a good review for the crew there is usually a reference to how positive or helpful they were. Moving is the 3rd most stressful event that our customers go through, and these reviews are a direct reflection of how the crew made them feel. Our job is to make the customer’s move as stress free as possible, and we can achieve this by maintaining a positive attitude.
Not to mention, crews that maintain a positive attitude will make each member 12% more productive, and could mean the difference between being out till 9pm and home at dinner time.
So be the creator of that stress-free environment, stay positive, and make it home by dinner time..
Robert Wright – Claims Manager