Message from the Claims Desk 4.12.16


Message from the Claims Desk                                                                               April 12, 2016    

Good Morning Stewart Family:

It’s playoff time! The NBA playoffs tip-off this weekend and provide us sports fans with another great distraction from the realization that it is not football season yet. In fact, the sport of basketball was created by Dr. James Naismith as a less injury prone sport than football. This physical education instructor created the sport in Springfield Massachusetts in 1891, and eventually grew to the inception of the NBA in 1949. So as defenses attempt to cover Steph Curry, think about how your covering the furniture we move.

This week I would like to talk about proper padding techniques. This means padding furniture in the house on load day, and un-padding in the room on delivery day. I know that on locals or small jobs it’s easier to just drape these items on the truck, but did you know that we get more claims on these moves than the ones that we send overseas! Think about that, we can move items to other countries without issue, but cannot do the same when moving them down the street. What’s the difference you ask, PADDING FURNITURE IN THE HOUSE!!!

Also, ensure that every pieces is properly covered as well. Yeah, I’m talking to all of you who like to give dressers mini-skirts… The pads we use are not only designed to protect the piece in the load, but to protect the item while your carrying it as well. If you hit a wall with the corner of a non-padded dresser it’s likely that you are going to damage the wall, approximately a $250.00 repair, as well as the corner of the dresser, approximately another $250.00 repair. Whereas, if the furniture had a pad on it, it is likely that no damage would have occurred at all.

So cover the furniture, protect your wallet, and do so in the home.


Robert Wright – Claims Manager