Message from the Claims Desk 3.8.16


Good Morning Stewart Family:

I would like to remind everyone to move their clocks forward one hour this Sunday March 13th. Daylight savings time was originally put in place in American during the first world war to save on energy costs. The logic was that most American’s go to bed when it’s dark and the average home uses roughly 25% of all electricity on lighting and small appliances, cutting our energy costs by about 1% each day that we are in Daylight Savings Time. So in the observance of this holiday, we should all look to how we can become more efficient.

This week I would talk about efficiency. As the weather heats up, so does the moving industry. Soon we are all going to need to shake off the cold month cobwebs and be ready for the craziness that’s to come. Efficiency does NOT mean rushing! (remember I’m still your claims guy) There are several aspects that we could talk about in regards to efficiency like properly disassembling and padding all the furniture prior to moving it, or properly prepping the house i.e. floor protection, removing the doors etc. But I would like to focus on inventory efficiency.

Now when I say inventory efficiency I do not mean that you can just write down the name of a piece and don’t put conditions. A good inventory should place an emphasis on furniture that is the most utilized in the household. Did you know that the average repair of a scratch on a dining room table is around $900? Or that chips on a nightstand can set you back $450. These are type of items that should have two or more stickers on them. Where as an item tucked away  in a storage area typically only needs one sticker. Always remember there is no such thing as a perfect piece of furniture.

So turn those clocks forward this weekend, pay close attention to detail when writing up pre-existing damage of the furniture, but stay efficient.



Robert Wright

Claims Manager

Stewart Moving and Storage – Jax