Message from the Claims Desk 3.22.16


Good Morning Stewart Family:

Happy Easter to all. It is celebrated a week earlier than last year, because this holiday is one of the very few that changes dates. Each year, Easter falls on the Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox. However, it’s traditions have stood the test of time. The coloring of the Easter egg, which is a symbol representing new life, can be traced as far back as the early Christians of Mesopotamia. So as you examine the variety of colors of these symbolic decorations, think about how you examine items for inventory.

This week I would like to talk about proper inventory procedure. On certain items, like a coffee table, it can be difficult to determine which side is the front, rear, right, and left. Any item should be inventoried the way it appears when sitting in the room, or if it’s in a storage area, the way it is utilized. For example, if inventorying bedrail the front would be the finished side that’s facing you and the left and right would be the sides that could be attached to a headboard or footboard (Always inventory wooden bedrails separately!). Inventory stickers must be placed on the most visible Unfinished side of a piece of furniture.

Proper classification of damage is essential. We recently paid an expensive claim because our driver inventoried the dresser with a scratch on top, but the repair company classified it as a gouge. Because of this, I have worked with inspection firms to come up with a definition of conditions form (HERE). This document, shows each of the condition definitions as well as pictures to help you identify them. Also, notate the most noticeable damage first and use at least three numbers to specify it’s exact location.

So make sure you are notating the front of an item, properly place the sticker, identify the correct conditions, and always use three locations.

***As always, if you ever have a claims question or anything you would like me to address in these e-mails, feel free to call or e-mail me***


Robert Wright  Claims Manager