Message From the Claims Desk 3.15.16



ClaimsGood Morning Stewart Family:

For all of my fellow Floridians, I implore you to get out and vote today. As for everyone else, happy early St. Patrick’s Day. This holiday is celebrated for Ireland’s most famous Saint who introduced Christianity to a previously Pagan Ireland. The date it is celebrated every year is representative of the day that this famous Saint passed 3/17/461. As Saint Patrick sought out converts, we would like our drivers to seek out items that haven’t checked off at delivery.

This week I would like to talk about missing items at delivery. As we all know that during delivery, customer’s are typically attempting to accomplish a multitude of tasks and possibly to miss numbers that are called off by our delivery crew and at the end of the day the inventory ends up with several unchecked numbers. What you may not know is that these unchecked numbers opens us up to a great deal of liability. For example, if one 3.0ctn is missing, provided that it is not listed on the high value, it can cost the company up to $2999.99!!!

Missing items can often be difficult to identify. After all, it is completely impractical to inventory each item inside every box. If numbers come up as missing, do a thorough search to locate it and if you still are unable to find it call the office before you leave. The sooner the office knows about missing items the higher the chances are of finding it.

So check off those numbers, search for items, and if all else fail contact the office.

***As always, if you ever have a claims question or anything you would like me to address in these e-mails, feel free to call or e-mail me***


Robert Wright – Claims Manager