Message from the Claims Desk 2.23.16


Good Morning Stewart Family:

Happy rainy Tuesday everyone! That’s right, today we all get to enjoy the massive storm that is currently soaking our entire service area. Unlike those courageous shovel holders that don’t leave the house today, us movers must go out and endure the elements. Carrying a customer’s belongings through this inclement weather can be a challenge, but claims that arise from it can be avoided through taking the proper precautions.

This week I would like to talk about the dreaded water damage.  Water is one of the most damaging things to furniture. Especially, if an item is made of a porous material, like a mattress, it will absorb the water and possibly develop mildew or mold. Don’t think that mattresses are the only problem, boxes and wood furniture are also susceptible to water’s damaging effects as well. Often times, when an item experiences water damage then it must be replaced entirely.

Prevention is our best defense against these types of expensive claims. This means the use of proper floor protection, so you are not tracking moisture into the house, proper padding techniques, furniture is padded and unpadded in the house, and limiting the time the furniture is exposed to the rain. If you have torrential downpours or a long carry, cover the boxes with a pad or a skin. Once again, DO NOT carry furniture out of the house without a pad! And if you dolly a piece of furniture without a pad, you may as well paint your whole body green.

So remember, use the floor protection, pad and unpad the furniture in the house, and don’t be a greenhorn.

***As always, if you ever have a claims question or anything you would like me to address in these e-mails, feel free to call or text me***


Robert Wright

Claims Manager

Stewart Moving and Storage – Jax

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