Message from the Claims Desk 3.28.17

Good Morning Stewart Family,

We are only a month or two away from the busy season, and we need to ensure our equipment is prepared. So let’s all be sure to pull out those metric crescent wrenches, check your muffler bearings, and make sure your blinker fluid is topped off… April Fools! Just to clarify, we do need to ensure that our equipment is properly prepared (aka pre-trip), but don’t go searching for the metric crescent wrenches, muffler bearings, or blinker fluid because it doesn’t exist. April fools day, first known as All Fool’s Day, is believed to originate from 15th century France but was previously referenced about in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in 1392. So in contrast to this day, let’s ensure that we don’t look like fools to our customers.

This week I would like to talk about what to say and what not to say to our customers. I am sure everyone has heard the saying “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” Well the same saying applies during our moves. Customer’s may seem receptive of your personal business or understanding of your complaints, but later utilize your comments as a representation of your lack of professionalism and quality.

As professionals, it is our job to make moving as stress free as possible. For example if the weight is over the estimate or if more packing material is needed, step outside and discuss solutions in private like a professional. And if you have a personal issue with the company or otherwise, then address it through the appropriate channels, but nothing positive can come from sharing it with the customer.

So let’s all ensure that we displaying a high level of professionalism, and remember that bad things do happen but we choose how we react to it.

Cheers  –  Robert Wright