Message from the Claims Desk 11.8.16

Good Morning Stewart Family;

Election Day is finally here!!! It is time to put aside all of the political propaganda and allow your voice to be heard. Remember that our country’s forefathers declared our independence from England because of taxation without representation. Although in the years following the Declaration of Independence voting laws were very restricted in determining who is eligible to vote, we have since had many American heroes fight for everyone’s right to vote regardless of race, color, previous condition of servitude (15th Amendment 1870), sex (19th Amendment 1920), or age for those above 18 (26th Amendment 1971). So I implore you to go out and pay close attention to whom you are checking that box for, and while doing so think about the attention you give an inventory sheet.

This week I would like to talk about marking the proper inventory locations on an inventory. Now, the majority of inventories in this industry have the same locations for 1-12, but after that it gets a bit hazy. There is no standardized location for these numbers and I am sure we all have an opinion of what each one should actually be. Like should 16 be seat or drawer, or should 19 be shelf or hardware.

The reality is that these locations will vary, and the only ones that are taken into account are the ones listed on that particular inventory sheet. So it is essential that we are paying attention to the locations that are listed on that particular inventory. If we do not follow the locations listed on that inventory document we will end up paying to repair/replace items that damage we had attempted to list as pre-existing damage.

So cast those votes, pay attention to locations on the inventory, and ensure that we are properly communicating the pre-existing damage.


Robert Wright