Message from the Claims Desk 9.20.16

message from the claims desk

Good Morning Stewart Family,

It seems that the days of driving your vehicle are numbered. Today, federal regulators plan to issue a flurry of new guidelines aimed at automakers and tech companies due to the growing number of self-driving vehicles being tested. According to USA Today, these manufacturers are in a race to roll out this new technology and bring it to the open market. So as technology continues to separate direct human interactions, we should be striving now more than ever for delivering a positive customer experience.

This week I would like to talk about creating satisfied customers. Happy customers don’t file claims; it is that simple. The biggest complaint that I hear is that the guys refused to unpack or left trash and debris all over the customer’s residence. Once we leave the customer is left with a house full of their items that they still have to put away and organize. When the crew did not perform the necessary unpack or left their house in complete disarray, it leaves the customer very upset and seeking some way to get back at the company. Unfortunately, this typically is done through the claims process.

The best way to avoid this situation is to be considerate of our customers and place items in a way that makes sense. This means putting items in the room in an organized manner with the labels facing OUT. If they want you to unpack then do so, and maintain a good attitude while doing so. After all, it is part of our job and we are going to have to do it anyway. Also, before you leave make sure that the trash and debris is removed from the residence.

So unpack if asked, face those labels out, and stay positive.


Robert Wright – Claims Manager