Message from the Claims Desk 9.12.17

Good Morning Stewart Family,

This past weekend Hurricane Irma swept through the state of Florida. If you have been near a TV or a radio I am sure that you have heard amount the massive amount of damages that this storm caused, but you may not have heard about the heroes. In a nation that can seem so divided it was truly an inspiration to watch people band together for the greater good. In the past several days, I witnessed neighbors checking on each other, total strangers putting themselves in harms way to rescue others, and people setting aside their differences to help one another. Everyone working together has helped our communities begin to bounce back in an incredibly short amount of time.

This week I would like to talk about teamwork. We all know that certain days we may work with people that we don’t agree with, but if this storm has shown us anything, it is what we can accomplish when we set aside our differences and work together. The best drivers I have met could get the worst labor imaginable yet keep a smile on their face and band their crew together. I know that working well with certain people is easy, but when you can put anyone on your crew and make them part of the team is when you become truly great.

So let’s all learn from these events, band together, and be great movers!


Robert Wright