Message from the Claims Desk 8.23.16

message from the claims desk

Good Morning Stewart Family,

This past Sunday marked the end of the 2016 Olympic Games. The USA topped the medal count with a grand total of 121, with 46 of those being gold. China and Great Britain were second and third in the total medal count totaling 70 and 67. The stars and strips won 16 gold medals in swimming, 13 gold in track & field, 4 in gymnastics, 2 in wrestling, 2 in basketball, 1 in boxing, 1 in tennis, 1 in judo, 1 in cycling – BMX, 1 in rowing, 1 in rowing, 1 in shooting, 1 in water polo, 1 in the triathlon, and 1 in cycling – road. So as you are counting all of those US medals be sure to think about how you account for hardware on riders.

This week I would like to talk about how we notate hardware on a rider. By now I hope everyone realizes how expensive missing hardware can be, so when we take custody of a shipment we want to be especially careful on what we write about hardware on our riders. Writing the correct sentence can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

When receiving a shipment that does not have a parts box, you should write an entry on your rider like “No parts box – hardware unknown.” If you do not write this then it is believed that the hardware was attached to that item and you witnessed that it was all present and accounted for. Since this would be incredibly difficult and time consuming to confirm, this sentence is a much better option.

If a shipment has a parts box, then the notation should be “parts box received – contents unknown.” The only way we will know for sure if all of the hardware was packed into that box is at delivery. This simple statement adds an extra line of defense and will protect you against the expense of missing hardware.

So ALWAYS make some kind of notation regarding the hardware on your riders!!!


Robert Wright – Claims Manager