Message from the Claims Desk 7.5.17

Good Morning Stewart Family,

I hope that everyone had a fun filled and safe 4th of July. Now that the holiday is over it’s time to get back to the grind in the summer heat. This week the weather forecasts are projecting temperatures in excess of 90 degrees for the majority of our service area. So as we get back to work ensure that you are properly prepared for the temperatures to come.

This week I would like to talk about hydration. Believe it or not, being properly hydrated is essential for reducing claims. Sounds a bit far fetched? Well, did you know that water is the most vital source of energy in your body? In fact, dehydration causes your blood to become thicker causing resistance to blood flow which means that your organs are expelling more energy and causing you to feel tired. When guys are tired they are much more prone to cut corners. The vast majority of claims that I see, were easily avoidable if the proper procedures were followed. For example: padding the furniture in the house, taking doors off, not leaving shelves in, or grabbing enough materials in the morning.

I see many guys grabbing sports drinks in the morning believing their claim that they will help hydrate you and replace electrolytes in your body. Actually, quite the inverse is true. The majority of these beverages contain high fructose corn syrup which contributes to many diseases (cancer, diabetes, etc.…) and will increase your thirst. When it comes to true hydration there is nothing better then plain old water.

So drink lots of water, stay alert, and ensure that each customer receives the best service possible.


Robert Wright