Message from the Claims Desk 6.20.17

Good Morning Stewart Family,

This week the gulf coast will get a reminder that it’s hurricane season once again. A massive storm, being called tropical cyclone three for the moment, is gaining strength over the Gulf of Mexico. The forecast models do not anticipate that this storm will grow into a hurricane, but do project that it will cause a substantial amount of rain and flooding for southeast Louisiana, southern Alabama, southern Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle. Currently, this storm is projected to make landfall early Thursday morning and carry those heavy rainfalls directly north through Arkansas and Missouri. So as we stay dry let’s all ensure that we are keeping our customer’s belongings dry as well.

This week I would like to talk about water damage prevention. By now, I am sure that most of you know to keep the customer’s floors and furniture covered during a wet day, but are we ensuring that our customer’s items aren’t going to get wet after we have put it on the truck? Occasionally, I see claims come across my desk that have occurred from leaky trailers or not closing the doors properly. These preventable claims can end up costing the company/contractor thousands of dollars.

Problems can even occur if a shipment is loaded in the nose of a trailer and water gets in the rear door, which was left open after grabbing the equipment. You got it; any water in the trailer can lead to mold growth. If you are delivering a shipment that contains mold, call you dispatcher or myself immediately. If molded furniture is left in a customer’s home we could be liable for any health problems as well as cleaning and treatment of the home.

So check your truck for leaks, close those doors tightly, and don’t leave molded items at our customer’s home.


Robert Wright