Message from the Claims Desk 5.30.17

Good Morning Stewart Family,

I do hope everyone enjoyed their extra day off yesterday, and took the time to remember the American heroes that we have lost throughout the years. Now that we are past the holiday, it is game-time in the moving business. This summer is projected to be the busiest, since the housing market collapsed in 2008. June has been the busiest month of the summer with 13.91% of all moves happening during its 30 day span. This means that it’s time to get out there a make some money! So during this time of year, let’s not give our hard earned money back and protect our customer’s homes.

This week I would like to talk about furniture dolly use in a customer’s home. By now I would hope that all of you are applying ample floor protection to our customer’s homes, but I have received repeated complaints about dolly use throughout the home as well. The statements that I have received were that the crew has rolled out a single rug runner and then proceeded to roll dollies off of this floor protection.

I am sure that you know that dolly tires can trap dirt or gravel in the treads of its tires. Rolling the dolly down the first 20 feet of floor protection isn’t going to magically clean that out. Once a dolly is rolled onto a carpet, its fibers penetrate much deeper into the threads than the floor runners will eventually causing dirt/oil/grease to be transferred to the carpet. When dollies are pivoted on a hardwood floor, any hard substance like small stones, sticks, or other debris trapped in the treads may scratch the floor.

So let’s do our customers and our company a favor and keep the dollies on the floor protection in their homes.


Robert Wright