Message from the Claims Desk 3.7.17

in home floor protection

Good Morning Stewart Family,

I would like to remind everyone to move their clocks forward at 2am this Sunday March 12th.  The concept of Daylight Savings Time was first introduced in 1784 by Benjamin Franklin, yet was not put into legislation until The Uniform Time Act of 1966. Since Daylight Savings Time has been proven to save on energy costs, it has been extended several times including during the energy crisis of the mid 1970’s as well as via the Energy Policy Act of 2005. So as you take the time to save on those electric bills, pay attention to how you can save on your claims.

This week, I would like to talk about on of the largest claims expenses; property damage. Did you realize that our average claim for simply bumping, scratching, or marking a wall is approximately $500? Yep, by the time we pay for the service call, materials, and labor to fix the smallest amount of damage we are already on the hook for several hundreds of dollars.

So what about a small scratch to a wood floor? Well that repair is going to cost closer to $1000, and that’s if we are lucky. If we damage a “continuous” floor we will be held liable for replacing the entire floor! It is impossible for a company to survive in this industry and pay for these avoidable costs.

By placing ample floor protection throughout the home, you are not only protecting yourself and the company from a high-level of liability, but you are displaying a lasting impression of professionalism. Ever heard the saying that the first impression is the most lasting?

So lay down some used mirror cartons, take off those doors, roll out those runners, and take pride in the quality of service that you deliver.


Robert Wright