Message from the Claims Desk 12.6.16

note pad

Good Morning Stewart Family,

Happy St. Nick’ Day, everyone. Although some of you may have never heard of this holiday, you may be more familiar with the holiday that this saint is now associated with. Saint Nicholas was a Turkish saint who gave gifts to children and was introduced in America in the 1700s by Dutch immigrants who referred to him as Sinderklaas, and eventually modern day Santa Clause. So as you are filling out those holiday lists, think about how we list our customer’s items.

This week I would like to talk about listing items in cartons. We all know that we can’t write “misc” on our customer’s boxes but do we know why? According to the military as well as the STB, if we write a vague statement like “misc” or “living room items” we waive our ability to contest any claim for missing items out of that box. Which means whatever the customer says is missing gets paid.

The best way to avoid this is to be as specific as possible. I understand that listing every item is a bit impractical, but you would be surprised how much money we can save by writing “sewing items” Instead of “living room items.”

So keep listing the exact contents of the cartons and avoid general labels.


Robert Wright