Message from the Claims Desk 12.20.16


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Good Morning Stewart Family,

Happy holidays everyone! For those of you who are scrambling to finalize you holiday shopping, don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on all of the good deals. Many retailers pay close attention to the market during this time of year, and offer deep discounts, on inventory that is not selling as well, in an effort to dispose of excessive inventory. Often times, these discounts exceed those that were offered on Black Friday. This includes toys, brand name TV’s, winter apparel, and jewelry. So while you’re out grabbing these bargain buys, ensure that we are not cheapening the service we provide our customers.

This week I would like to talk about our delivery quality. I am sure that most of you understand that the state of our company rests with the customer service scores that the customer submits. Our scores tend to suffer when we fail to follow through and provide all required services to their satisfaction. The largest complaint about our delivery service is that the crew did not unpack.

Keep in mind, that unpacking is a service that our military customers are required to be offered. If the customer requests a full unpack then we have to perform the service for them, and if it is unable to be done that same day then contact your dispatcher and arrange for another day and time for this to be done.

I know that it can be frustrating when a customer doesn’t say anything about an unpack until the walk boards are being put away, but it is important that we maintain our professionalism throughout the process. After all, we get paid for it and we have to do it anyway so we might as well not allow it to effect our own happiness.

So perform those unpacks, stay upbeat about it, and leave our customer’s houses thinking about how great the movers were.


Robert Wright