Message from the Claims Desk 10.11.16

Claims message

Good Morning Stewart Family,

I hope everyone is safe after hurricane Matthew has wreaked havoc on a large portion of our service area. As of today, there are still 650,000 people without power with about have of those people residing in North Carolina and Virginia. Several rivers in eastern North Carolina broke out of their banks after rainfalls of up to 16 inches causing massive flooding causing portions of I-95 and I-40 to remain closed. Now more than ever, we must be knowledgeable about how we can prevent mold.

This week I would like to talk about mold prevention. Mold is a common buzzword around the industry which usually translates into paying large sums of money. Items made of porous material, such as sofas and mattresses, are commonly unable to remediate and must be replaced. As expensive as this circumstances may be, it is completely preventable.

Mold is a byproduct of moisture. Any items that are wet will grow mold eventually. Now, barometric pressure and ambient air temperatures determine the length of time that growth occurs, but it will occur. The best way to prevent this is to ensure that any items that are stored or transported are completely dry and free from moisture. If moisture is present the best way to remove it is to use vinegar and not bleach. Bleach’s corrosive nature will damage some furniture surfaces, whereas vinegar, will not only remove the mold but it will aid in preventing regrowth.

So ensure every item is transported or stored dry and if need be use vinegar and not bleach for removal.


Robert Wright