Message from the Claims Desk 1.30.17

Good Morning Stewart Family,

Today is the day we close out this month of January, as we continue to look forward to our busy season that we all love to hate. During this time of year, the best movers in our industry are able to take the time to educate themselves. After all, this industry is constantly changing, especially in regards to the military! In fact, the current Defense Personal Property Program (or DP3) has only been around since early 2009. Since then, the military’s requirements of our service continues to change, and is outlined in the Defense Transportation Regulation (or DTR). Therefore, both today and throughout the month of February, I will be focusing on a different aspect of the DTR.

This week I would like to focus on the military’s requirements regarding inventory. The way the Military requires us to prepare our inventories has changed the most over the years. Below I have listed the military’s key performance requirements of our inventories:
•          Must list all items received (this means those last minute items get a sticker too)
•          The listing of articles must be as specific as possible including make, model, color, and serial number (helps a lot when something is missing)
•          OS Furniture and Rugs must be identified by color/pattern and include number of cushions (we have paid for a lot of missing cushions)
•          Cannot use general descriptive terms such as household goods/personal property (I hope this is a no brainer..)
•          Must use the term M-PRO for the military member’s Professional Books, Papers, and Equipment (PBP&E) and must use the term S-PRO for the military member’s spouse’s PBP&E.
•          All PBP&E and/or consumables must have weights listed as well as cubic ft (e.g. M-PRO 3.0ctn 54lbs)
•          List general contents of dressers or write “empty” on inventory (Helps protect us from “missing from dresser drawer” claims)

Remember to take the time and familiarize yourself with these requirements, and ensure that we are taking care of our military members.


Robert Wright