Message from the Claims Desk 1.24.17

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Good Morning Stewart Family,

This past Friday January 20th, Donald Trump was sworn in as 45th president of the United States. During his 16 minute inaugural address, he promised to drain the Washington swamp and revitalize manufacturing and the middle class. Overall president Trump made 102 promises and now is afforded the opportunity to deliver.  So as we are monitoring which tasks our president takes head on, let’s pay attention to the furniture that we allow on our trucks.

This week I would like to talk about the procedure regarding contaminated items. By contaminated items, I am referring to items that are molded or potentially are infested with insects or other pests. I am quite sure that the majority of you know by now to not include these items at all. After all, even if the customer cleans the effected item, the no way we can be 100% sure that the issues have been resolved. This can lead to the contamination of the other items on the truck and have a potential of costing tens of thousands of dollars.

When these contaminated items are all placed in a confined location (i.e. storage unit, shed, etc.), then make sure you contact the office prior to loading. These items may have been contaminated and we are simply unable to see it, and simply not worth the risk of transporting it.

So make sure that we are inspecting every item, not transporting the contaminated items, and contacting the office about items in question.



Robert Wright