Message from the Claims Desk 1.10.16

Good Morning Stewart Family,

For starters I would like to say congratulations to all of the Clemson fans out there. The Tigers beat the Crimson Tide in thrilling fashion by scoring a touchdown in the final six seconds of the game to secure the victory. This is Clemson’s first national championship in 35 years, and the only one ever that was a rematch of the same teams from the previous year. So as the football season continues to come to a close, let’s take care of our customer’s football watching seats.

This week, I would like to talk about the proper way to protect and move overstuffed furniture. The first thing we should do is see if the piece comes apart. Typically, the backs of recliners are removable as well as some sofas (usually just Lazyboys). This makes the item much easier to handle and a breeze to get through a doorway. Also, if the OS is a sofa, be sure to check if it is a sleeper, and if so, secure the foldout bed to the frame of the sofa. Remove any legs and place in parts box so you will not have an issue with a doorway or other narrow areas.

Pad and then shrink wrap OS in the home, and ensure all areas are covered including the bottom. This is essential because of how bulky these items are and by padding and shrink wrapping the entire piece, we are protecting the walls, doorways, as well as the item from damage.

Finally, be sure that your route is clear prior to carrying it. Remove anything in your intended pathway as well as any doors that limit the amount of space in a doorway. Don’t be the guy who realizes that the door needs to come off while stuck in the doorway.

So pad and shrink wrap that OS, take off the door, and ensure that these items are being transported in a safe manner.


Robert Wright